Retail software you can count on

Start Selling

Easily set up your business, from your products to your employees and start selling in minutes.

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory across all of your locations with ease, whether it be a small shop or a large warehouse.

Insightful Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, from top-line sales to detailed insights on employees.

Reliable Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with ease. From sending PO's to receiving transfers from another location and performing quarterly counts, Paytouch has you covered.

Quantities, Costs and Profits

Quickly set on-hand quantities, minimums and re-order amounts, and see what is en route via transfers or orders. Paytouch makes it quick and easy to calculate and adjust costs, prices and margins. Furthermore, quickly identity how your products are contributing to the health of your business with average costs and profit overviews.

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Your retail business at its finest

Paytouch makes managing your business easier, letting you make the smart decisions that lead up to growth.

Location Management

Paytouch makes it easier than ever to grow. Create new locations with inventory, employees and payments already set up.

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges and returns.

Ticket Assignment

Maintain complete control over which employees helped with a customer, and who actually performed the transaction.

Cash Management

With Paytouch, stay in the know of where every cent goes, from sales to pay-out's based on every employee.

No more waiting in lines

Remove lengthy lines and keep your customers happy by quickly checking them out with Paytouch's fully mobile capabilities. Just pick up your iPad with Paytouch installed, and start line busting with the contactless credit card reader.

Easy Scheduling and Shift Management

Manage your employees and their shifts with ease all from within the Paytouch Dashboard. Create drafts, and when you're ready, publish them to notify your team of their hours.

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“Thank you Paytouch for creating a seamless system that has made our business overall more efficient, and for having the best customer service team”


Time Cards and Payroll

Manage your employees and finish payroll within minutes. With Paytouch, view and edit employee time cards from your dashboard, and view or print out your payroll in no time flat.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

With insights into hours worked, wages + tips earned and sales managed, have your finger on the pulse of your employees and your business.

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Paytouch has powerful analytics