Restaurant software that delivers for you

Simple Menus

Start selling right away with a simple menu setup that will take a few moments to set up.

Schedule Management

Have complete control over your employees schedules and never have an empty shift again.

Powerful Insights

Gain immediate insights into how your restaurant is performing with powerful reports and insights.

Kitchen Integration

Keep the front of the house and the kitchen in sync with Paytouch's kitchen ticket management. Know where your orders are as they're being prepared.

Managing your restaurant is a breeze

From the front of the house to the back of the kitchen, manage and grow your business with ease.

Paytouch Kitchen app showing dine-in orders to process

Manage Tickets

Whether your customers dine in or order for delivery, Paytouch makes it easy to stay on top of everything with ticket management.

Screenshot of a modal window to check and split tips to employees

Manage Tips

Manage tips across all of your employees to know who is making how much, and compare that to sales and discounts.

Register app showing a pre-authorized credit card for that order

Preauthorize Cards

Manage open tabs without ever losing a sale again. Paytouch makes it easy to take EMV-enabled card preauthorizations.

Screenshot of a ticket split across as many tenders as needed

Split Tickets

Paytouch's EMV payments lets you split the ticket and accept payments from as many people and across as many tenders as needed.

Screenshot of the register app showing detailed cash management

Cash Management

With Paytouch, stay in the know of where every cent goes, from sales to pay-out's and more.

Order and pay at the table

Paytouch's EMV payments lets you accept payments from anywhere. Just bring the payment device, and check customers out.

Easy Scheduling and Shift Management

Manage your employees and their shifts with ease all from within the Paytouch Dashboard. Create drafts, and when you're ready, publish them to notify your team of their hours.

Left quote

“Speed and ease of use is really important to us. Paytouch has what I need to manage my business, and provides me with the reports I need to know exactly how we are doing.”


Time Cards and Payroll

Manage your employees and finish payroll within minutes. With Paytouch, view and edit employee time cards from your dashboard, and view or print out your payroll in no time flat.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

With insights into hours worked, wages + tips earned and sales managed, have your finger on the pulse of your employees and your business.

Learn more about Analytics and Reports

Paytouch has powerful analytics