Manage thousands of products with ease

Product Management

Manually load or use our intelligent importer to ensure a forever-pristine product catalog, across as many locations as you want.

Variants and Modifiers

Adding multi-level variants or enabling add-on, hold and single-option modifiers has never been easier.

Categories and Discounts

Assign products to a category or sub category, and create discounts to ensure powerful insights and happy customers.

Create Products and Categories

Create categories to organize your products. Then easily create or import all of your products, including info such as the name, images, brands, taxes and even modifiers, add-on's or parts and ingredients that make it up.

Product creation form with category, brand, add-on options

Easily Import Products

You can quickly import your full catalog of produts to ensure your inventory is right at all of your locations.

Multiple Discount Levels

Create unlimited dollar amount discounts, percentage, or you can simple adjust the price for any product altogether.

Tax Management

Assigning single or multiple taxes on a product level and for specific locations is a simple process.

Create multi-level variants

Create variant products, with as many options as you want going three levels deep. Whether it be sizes, flavors or other options, variants will let you get as detailed as you need with SKU-level tracking, pricing and location management.

Product creation form with sizes, shapes and other variant options

Boost sales with bundles

Make it easy for your customers to buy multiple products in one go with simple to create product bundles. Whether it be a burger with coke and fries, or a guitar with strings and an amp, we have you covered.

Illustration of products bundles

The ultimate business tool

Manage your inventory, suppliers, customers, customer engagement campaigns, and reports from anywhere.

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Product Management

Create or import your products with everything from price and cost, to modifiers, and suppliers. Made simple for multiple locations.

Inventory Management

Powered with smart insights, managing inventory with suppliers, purchase orders and stock control has never been so intuitive.

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

Employee Management

Smart insights into employee shifts, hours, wages and even scorecards makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone productive.

Customer Management

Know your customers better than anyone with a CRM, made better with custom groups, loyalty and insightful analytics.


Your data made smart with analytics. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and act on insights that increase your bottom line.