Point of Sale software that will make your life easier and more profitable.

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Quick to Learn and Checkout

Get up and running and start making your first sales in a matter of minutes with our intuitive and fast Point-of-Sale.

Complete Control

Keep control over your business and track everything, from your inventory to employee schedules and your cash drawer.

Perfect for your business

From cafes, to restaurants to retail, Paytouch will provide you with everything you need to start selling and grow your business.

Left quote

“Paytouch POS has provided us with smooth and secure transactions for our customers. Being able to wirelessly scan and securely take in all forms of payment has been seamless.”


Everything you need to run your business

Run your entire business directly from your Point of Sale.

Ticket Management

Stay in control of every order and its status, whether it's a new deliver with a preauthorized card or a simple transaction.

Cash Drawer Management

Stay in the know of where every dollar and cent goes, from sales to pay-out's, as well as refunds, returns and exchanges.

Employee Management

From permissions to time cards and scheduling, manage employees easily and securely. Know how everyone performs with insightful analytics.

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

Customer Management

Track and gain insights into your customers, from their first purchase to their most recent promotion, to keep them coming back for more.

Left quote

“Speed and ease of use is really important to us. Paytouch has what I need to manage my business, and provides me with the reports I need to know exactly how we are doing.”


Fast and secure checkout


With cash drawer integration and management, accepting and keeping track of cash is a breeze.


Accept any major credit or debit cards quickly and securely with Paytouch's integrated EMV-compliant payment terminal.

Split Bill

Split the bill between as many customers as you need across any tender types so your customers can pay how they like.

Gift Cards

Create and sell gift cards quickly and easily. Accept gift card payments from your customers' mobile wallet with no additional processing costs.

You're never in the dark

Accept payments at any time, even when you're offline. As soon as you go back online, Paytouch will automatically sync your transactions so you don't have to worry about receiving your payments.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business at all times. With intelligent and actionable analytics, understanding and growing your bottom line will come naturally.

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Paytouch has powerful analytics

Everything syncs seamlessly to your dashboard

With the Paytouch Dashboard, gain real-time access to everything in your business, from orders to employee hours, customer feedback and intelligent analytics.

Paytouch POS syncs with your merchant dashboard

Product Management

Create or import all of your products with everything from price and cost, to modifiers, and relevant suppliers. Made simple for one location or many.

Learn more about Product Management

Inventory Management

Powered with smart insights, managing inventory with suppliers, purchase orders and stock control has never been so intuitive and quick.

Learn more about Inventory Management

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

Learn more about Order Management

Employee Management

Smart insights into employee shifts, hours, wages and even scorecards makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone productive.

Learn more about Employee Management

Customer Management

Know your customers better than anyone with a CRM, made better with groups, loyalty and smart insights.

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Your data made smart with Paytouch analytics. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and act on insights that increase your bottom line.

Learn more about Analytics and Reports

We've got your back!

Real people are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with whatever you need.

800-270-2448 or Online Support

All your hardware needs

From retail to restaurants and everything in between, Paytouch has the hardware you will need to run your business smoothly and securely. From purchasing to setup, know your hardware needs are covered.

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One Simple Plan

Simple and straight-forward pricing, with no hidden fees. Perfect for your business, from your first location to your hundredth and beyond. Unlimited registers, users and employees.

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Available on the App Store!

Get started immediately by downloading Paytouch Point of Sale on the app store.

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