Manage unlimited locations with ease

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Joe's Cafe Store #1

1815 South Sunset Blvd.San Francisco, CA 94130

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Joe's Cafe Store #2

220 Barton Springs Rd.Austin, TX 78702

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Joe's Cafe Store #3

224 Union Square WestNew York, NY 10003

Open a new location in seconds

With Paytouch, you can create and manage unlimited locations with just one account. Add and edit your business information, including address, website and hours from anywhere.

Manage employees for all locations

Schedule and publish your employee's time schedules as far ahead as you need, all in a matter of minutes. Gain immediate insight into your employee's time worked, discrepancies and productivity.

Employee management

Manage inventory from all yourlocations in one place

Manage products for all locations

Import and manage all of your products in one place without dealing with duplicate product catalogs for each location. Manage everything, from brands and categories to add-on's, parts/ingredients and taxes across every location with ease.

Product management

Easily transfer products between locations

Manage your inventory across locations, whether you are shipping from a warehouse to multiple stores, or simply from one store to another. Simply create a transfer order from one location, send the inventory, and receive it at the other location.

Step 1: Create Your Transfer

Whether you are managing two locations or one hundred, Paytouch makes it easy to transfer inventory. Start by creating your transfer order and selecting your To and From locations.


Step 2: Add Your Products

Ensure your business is perfectly stocked across all locations by adding the products and quantities you plan on transferring from one location to the other.

Step 3: Send & Receive Your Transfer

After hitting “Send”, your receiving location will get notified of an incoming shipment of products. Once the other location receives the inventory, all counts will adjust appropriately.

Send receive

Multi Location Analytics & Reports

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, from a summary across all locations down to a granular review of a product's performance at one location.

Left quote

“Speed and ease of use is really important to us. Paytouch has what I need to manage my business, and provides me with the reports I need to know exactly how we are doing.”