Boost sales with customized digital gift cards

Boost Sales

Boost your sales by giving your customers the ability to gift their family, friends or even themselves.

Gifting Made Easy

We remove the headache out of keeping plastic cards and bring you into the future with digital cards that are easily used and shared.

Designed by You

Use our simple design editor to create a custom look for your business without any expensive printing costs.

How digital gift cards work

Digital gift cards work exactly like any other gift card, but without the wait or expense. Automatically send them to your customer, and have them share with anyone.

Left quote

“Gift cards are very important to our business, and keeps existing and new customers coming back. The whole digital gift card process is easy and let’s us focus on selling more.”


Simple to buy and pay

Pay at the point of sale simply by pulling up the digital gift card in Apple Passbook, Android Wallet or email, and scanning the barcode.

Customize gift card amounts

Easily customize an unlimited amount of gift cards for any preset value so your customers can choose whichever amount they prefer.

Left quote

“Having made the switch from plastic cards to digital gift cards, I will never go back. It’s cheaper, faster and our customers love it.”


See how gift cards can benefit you

Businesses like yours see a big increase in sales when customers use gift cards.


Track your gift card sales

Have complete insight into all of your customers and their gift cards, from the total outstanding amount to the last time someone came in and used it on a purchase.


Why Paytouch wins


Starting Cost
Digital Processing
Physical Cards
Time to Start


$0 (no need)


2.9% + $0.30
$1.10+ per card
3+ Business Days


$0 - $100+
$0 - $100+
$1 - $5+ per card
3+ Business Days