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Paytouch Platform API is built for developers and integrators that want to create intelligent integrations for their services. Our API allows smart services like Loyalty Platforms, Gift Card systems, inventory management systems, accounting systems and more to easily integrate with Paytouch's core platform and bring additional services to Paytouch's growing merchant base in the Restaurant space.

Services can quickly build upon Paytouch's pre-built out-of-the-box features and capabilities and make their services available on Paytouch's Dashboard and the Paytouch POS app. For example, some merchants might need to use a specific loyalty program because they have always been using it with their existing customers. In this case, with the appropriate integration, these merchants can continue using the services they love and know very well.

The Paytouch Platform is a powerful ecosystem of smart and robust core services to manage products, inventory, delivery services, loyalty, gift cards and more. With additional and complementary options for services merchants like to use, we can together provide tremendous value to them.

What should a third party service expect from this API?

We are continuously evolving our services and making them available for third-party services. Here are the currently available APIs available.

List of available API endpoints.

With the Paytouch Platform API, you can expect:

Quick, easy and secure API integration
Complete and accurate description of the various features supported
Unique access key
Quick validation and certification

Get started with the Paytouch Platform API today!

There is no cost to integrate with the Paytouch API, however, we look at our platform partners as a true partnership -- and with that, we qualify every new company who wants to integrate with us. Let's get started.