4 Ways to Support Your Local Restaurants during Coronavirus 

The effects of Coronavirus are being felt around the world. It’s an issue on everyone’s mind and we understand the anxiety and stress many are facing. While the disease is directly impacting people around the world, its effects on local communities and businesses is also becoming more and more worrisome.

As a trusted vendor of restaurants around the country, Paytouch is seeing the impact of this outbreak on our community firsthand. These are tough times for the food service industry as curfews are set, public gatherings are prohibited, and people are told to stay home.

Even before government mandated closures, restaurants around the country have been stepping up to ensure the health and safety of both their staff and customers. They are requiring more frequent hand washing, sanitizing public areas more often, and sending employees home in the case of any signs of illness. In many cases, restaurants are voluntarily closing their doors completely to protect the local community.

We applaud these companies doing whatever they can to support the efforts to contain this deadly disease, but acknowledge that these steps are bringing many small local businesses to their knees. Given the prolonged practice of social distancing and the economic hardship on restaurants, here’s a few ideas on how we can support local restaurants: 

Stock Up Ahead of Time

If you are in a region of the country not currently facing major restaurant closures, consider stocking up on your favorite restaurant meals now. This can both help support local restaurants and also prepare you for possible future quarantine measures.

By making your order now, you will be lending support to the local restaurant and potentially helping them survive the cost of a complete closure. The meals you order now can be frozen or refrigerated for the coming days or weeks. If, or when, you find yourself in your own lockdown, that frozen meal from your favorite restaurant might be just the treat you need to lift your spirits.

Place a To-Go Order Over the Phone

In many areas of the country, restaurants are eliminating dine-in eating but still providing take-out options. If you are craving something from your favorite local restaurant, give them a call and ask about how to avoid any potential crowds during your food pick-up.  Many restaurants guide to-go customers to pick up their orders at staggered times rather than all at once.

As a bonus, many restaurants are running with limited staff and having to-go orders is much easier on the skeleton crew than serving a restaurant full of dine-in customers.

Order Food for Delivery

Since Monday, March 16th 2020, the San Francisco Bay area was under lockdown until April 7th 2020 with only essential businesses open. This includes businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants offering delivery only. 

Whether you are in the Bay area or not, support your local restaurant by placing a food delivery order. If you’re sick or in a self-quarantine or if you’re elderly and at risk, opt for contactless delivery. Consider leaving some tips as a token of appreciation to the delivery people who are working hard to keep you well fed at the comfort of your home. 

Purchase a Gift Card

If leaving your home is not an option or if you are already stocked up on food at home, you can still support local restaurants by purchasing a gift card. Gift cards will  put immediate cash flow in the hands of restaurant owners through its most turbulent times. When things turn around, you will be able to celebrate with a nice meal out at your favorite place. Many restaurants offer digital gift certificate options you can redeem online on their website or app, or over the phone.

This is an extremely challenging time for us all. We know our own community of restaurant owners are undeniably feeling the effects. The entire industry is being hit hard from chefs to produce vendors to waitstaff.


In an effort to alleviate disruption in restaurant operations amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to make Paytouch accessible to as many restaurants as possible. For all restaurants who sign up NOW through Apr 15, 2020. Paytouch are giving away: 

We want to see your business thrive. If you could use some help, please get in touch.

Stay strong together. This too shall pass.