Make better decisions with predictive analytics and insights

Real-time Data

See all of your data through analytics, right as it is happening, from your employees to your customers and everything in between.

Actionable Insights

With insights into customer engagement, low inventory, sales and more, a clear path towards greater success has never been so easy.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered engine that leads to automatic inventory analysis, updates to forecasting, ordering supplies and ingredients.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered engine works with 3rd party digital services like weather, location, events and merges this information with Paytouch's inventory and sales data. It provides powerful predictive analytics that leads to actions such as automatic inventory analysis, updates to forecasting, ordering supplies and ingredients and even staffing your store.

Inventory Analytics

With a quick glance, know your current stock value and quantity, as well as the total amount of products that are due for re-ordering. Furthermore, a clear chart of top selling products will ensure that you stay stocked and within budget.

Employee Analytics

Be in the know of how your employees are performing at all times. Staff the business perfectly by comparing costs of labor to sales, and gain insights into who is working the most, as well as who is bringing in the most sales.

Customer Analytics

Know what your customers want better than they know themselves with powerful analytics and actionable insights. Know everything, from their favorite products to each customer's spend, number of visits and loyalty status.

Engagement Analytics

Paytouch's engagement platform sparks your growth, while analytics provides you deep insights into ways in which you can make your customers happier, and your business healthier.

Reports for every part of your business

Gain deep insights into every aspect of your business, from something as simple as your best selling products, down to your best performing employees and your worst performing suppliers over any time period.


Immediate insights into the most important aspects of your business. An End of Day report will give you top-line sales, COGS, payroll, and your profits/losses from operation at all locations.


From top-line sales to sales of an individual product over a specific period of time, Paytouch gives you all the insights you need to see how your business and your products are performing.


From customer spend to individual visits, Paytouch makes it easy to know your customers. From total visits, spend, discounts or even tipping amounts, we have it covered.


Track each of your employees, from payroll to time clock variance and profitability. See who in your business generates the most sales, gives the most discounts and receives the most tips.


Gain insights into your entire inventory, from quantity or price adjustments, to inventory that isn't moving. See open PO's, inventory movement, receiving, transfers and counts.


Paytouch makes engaging your customers easy, and gaining insight into the performance of your loyalty and promotions even easier.

The ultimate business tool

Manage your inventory, suppliers, customers, customer engagement campaigns, and reports from anywhere.

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Product Management

Create or import your products with everything from price and cost, to modifiers, and suppliers. Made simple for multiple locations.

Inventory Management

Powered with smart insights, managing inventory with suppliers, purchase orders and stock control has never been so intuitive.

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

Employee Management

Smart insights into employee shifts, hours, wages and even scorecards makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone productive.

Customer Management

Know your customers better than anyone with a CRM, made better with custom groups, loyalty and insightful analytics.


Your data made smart with analytics. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and act on insights that increase your bottom line.